Fiber Armored Cable Slitter – 8mm to 28.6mm

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This Fiber Stripper is designed for cutting open and stripping / slitting the outer jacket of a fiber core cable.

The diameter of the fiber cable that can be worked on with this slitter is 8mm to 28.6mm

Product Features:

1. The design of the utility knife is suitable for multi-core optical cables with casing or armored sheath. The main purpose is to cut the armor sheath of the outer layer of the optical cable to gain access to the optical fiber within the cable.
2. The utility knife is designed with a precision adjustable blade to avoid damage to the optical fiber. The adjustable outer diameter is 8-28.6mm, and the adjustable cutting depth is 5.5mm. It is suitable for different skin thicknesses, and the blade is replaceable.
3. Rotate the rod to rotate the blade 90 degrees. This will allow you to convert the tool from cutting to stripping
4. The anode-treated aluminum is the construction of the tool. The roller-shaped cable follower ensures that the cable is stable during the stripping process, and the tool is made so it is easy to strip in the desired direction.
5. The length of the tool knife is about 130mm, and the weight of the package is about 0.3kg.
Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 135 × 72 × 37 mm

single-blade, dual-blade