Fiber Midcoupler Adapter – LC to LC Single Mode UPC Duplex

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The fiber optic midcoupler adapter is a small device designed to join fiber optic cables or connections between two points.

Using our precise fiber optic adapters to join connection points, light sources will be able transmit signal as incredibly low loss levels thanks to the ceramic ferrul insert that precisely aligns fiber connectors. Our fiber optic adapters have the benefits of low insertion loss as well as high insertion durability.

The fiber optic midcoupler adapter is perfect for patch panels, wall mount or din rail enclosures. We offer both flanged and flange-less options which can clip to the appropriote port on each type of enclosure with their stainless steel side clips. Sometimes requiring midcoupler fixing screws.

Dust caps are included with each mid coupler.




Connector Type LC-LC
Body Style Duplex
Polish UPC
Fiber Type Single Mode (9/125μm)
Insertion Loss
Durability 1,000 times
Mounting Type Flanged / Flange-less
Colour Blue
Body Material PVC Plastic / Stainless Steel Clip
Sleeve Material Ceramic
Weight 0.0025 kg
Dimensions 22 × 33 × 10 mm
Flange type

No Flange, Threaded Flange