Imperial Compressor 2000

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The Imperial Compressor 2000 is a portable petrol operated 12bar compressor. It has a consistent airflow of 800 Litres Per Minute with 5 bars of pressure.

When in operation or while floating you will have a consistent output of 5 to 6 bar consistently.

This compressor is capable of floating a 144 microfiber cable, in a 12/10 micro duct for 1024m meters without any stoppages. It takes approximately 10 minutes to float 1km.

It weighs only 163kg, and its dimentions are 130cm (L) x 86cm (H) x 53cm (W). One of its unique features is the built-in frame air tank that acts like an air-cooler, and allows the machine to operate without costly stopages.

The built-in frame tank is manufactured and designed within SEP standards and does not require any pressure testing after being manufactured.

This compressor and engine is locally manufactured and serviced, allowing for easy and quick access to parts and maintenantce when needed.

The Compressor comes with a 12 months Warrenty

This is really what you call an affordable and portable compressor for floating fiber.



The Compressors must be booked in for services every 4-6 months or 400-500 hours. The services must be done by an Approved Compressor Servicing Companies.

Please note user or operational error, negligence and abuse of any equipment supplied by Imperial Communications it will not fall under the Warranty supplied by Imperial Communications, and a call out fee and extra charges will apply as per arrangement with the client. If and when a technician goes out on a call.


Weight 163kg
Dimensions  1280 x 555 x 860 mm
Pressure  12 bar
CFM @ 5.5 bar 800 L
Time Between Services 400
Fuel Type Petrol (Unleded 93)
Engine Displacement  150 cc
Engine Type  4-stroke
Engine Ignition System  Transistorised Magneto (pull start)
Engine Lubricant Oil SAE 15W40
Engine Power Output (kW / 3600 rpm)  3.2 kW
Engine Max Torque (nm / 2800 rpm)  8.8 kW
Engine Fuel Consumption 0.4 L p/h
Engine Fuel Capacity 1.6
Weight 0.000 kg

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