Media Converter – 4 Port Video (BNC) & RS485/232 to FC/UPC Single Mode Simplex Fiber (Pair)

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The Media Converter – Video to Fiber – 4 Channel (Analog) – 2 Channel Serial (485/232 to Fiber- FC/UPC SM) is a sophisticated device designed for converting analog video signals and serial data into fiber optic signals. This specialized media converter is equipped to handle four channels of analog video input and convert them into fiber optic signals, ensuring reliable and high-quality transmission over long distances.

Additionally, the device includes two channels for serial data (485/232) conversion to fiber optics, providing a versatile solution for transmitting serial communication signals over fiber optic networks. The use of FC/UPC (Fiber Connector/Ultra Physical Contact) connectors ensures optimal signal integrity and low signal loss in single-mode fiber (SM) networks.

Overall, this media converter serves as a crucial component in extending the reach of analog video and serial communication signals by leveraging the advantages of fiber optic technology, making it an ideal choice for applications where long-distance, high-performance signal transmission is essential.

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