Pigtail Anchor Plate

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The c-type hook is a wall-optic fiber-optic accessory used in outdoor or indoors. The main purpose is to form anchors on the wall for the erection support of the optical fiber. The hanging part rotates more than 180 degrees, so the line body Only by manual force, the wire body will not be unhooked even in a windy environment. The mounting aperture of the c-type hook is 6mm and 8mm respectively, and it is necessary to support the expansion.
C-type hook specifications: length 7cm, width: 2.7cm, thickness: 4mm, the surface is treated with hot-dip galvanizing, the groove and the base are fixed by riveting.

How to use the c-type hook: Take a marker and let the c-type hook be attached to the wall. The marker is marked in the screw hole of the c-type hook, and the hole is selected according to the aperture of the c-shaped hook screw hole. Size, use the impact drill to align the punching point of the mark, put the expansion plug into the appropriate depth, put the c-type hook and fasten with the quick screw, and the strength after tightening reaches 15 Newton, far exceeding the strength of use standard.


Material  Galvanized Steel
Breaking Load  600N
Sizes 64.5*65*54.5
Thickness Hook 8.8mm
Body 2.5mm
Weight 136kg
Weight 0.000 kg